Privacy Policy

Expersis Inc.’s applications such as “iMOnTime” (including modifications, iterations, or versions thereof), are presently available for download on an as-is basis from Apple Inc.’s online store. Expersis Inc. (Company) does not have access to any user personal information (UPI). However, should any user contact Company for any support or for any other reason then Company will be given only such UPI as is voluntarily provided by a user which at a minimum will include user’s email address. All UPI will then reside on Company’s email servers provided by US third-party(s) and on the computers of Company’s employees. Company will seek to render whatever support it can, and for that purpose Company will make use of only such UPI as needed to provide such support. Company does not use, sell, share, or give access to UPI except, if requested, to provide support. User hereby specifically agrees that for providing such requested support, Company may use or access UPI from within or from outside the US. User further agrees that Company may, if it reasonably believes in its sole discretion to be necessary, share or give access to such UPI to a third-party, within or outside the US, for a limited time and for the limited purpose of rendering the requested support.


Expersis Inc. (Company) has made available for download its software application(s) such as ‘Iamontime’ software application (including modifications, iterations, or versions thereof), on an as-is basis from Apple Inc.’s online store. In terms of security, Company relies on Apple Inc. and other third-party internet service providers to provide security to its emails and to its software application(s). Company also takes other standard precautions to keep all other user personal information (UPI) as may have been sent to Company by a user. User understands and agrees that Company is in no way responsible for maintaining UPI. User further understands that other than any UPI specifically shared with Company, Company has no access to any UPI. Accordingly, user agrees that, jointly or severally, Company, its officers, Directors, employees, or other representatives, shall not in any way be liable to user and/or to any other person, monetarily or otherwise, for any loss, injury, costs, or other damages suffered by a user arising from one or more claims arising directly or indirectly, that UPI, in whole or in part, has been accessed without proper authorization, or has otherwise been misused in any manner.